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netFORUM is a membership management database with a comprehensive set of modules that integrate member data and business processes, allowing organizations to manage members, chapters, non-members, and other relationships.

Old Town IT has deep and unparalleled experience working with the netFORUM software suite. Tim Ward, President and CEO of Old Town IT, was the chief architect of Avectra’s netFORUM product suite during his 12-year tenure with the firm, and the firm’s developers and project managers have decades of experience providing service and creating applications in netFORUM. Old Town IT is proud to be an Avectra Implementation Partner.

netFORUM offers robust system-wide capabilities. Old Town IT has worked with our clients to augment those capabilities, increasing their return on investment and extending the power of netFORUM. Projects have ranged from improving online user subscription capabilities to expanding event module functionality, developing accurate, user-friendly reports, and instituting full-system implementations.

pluseWeb Mobile / Responsive Design

You have time, budget and energy invested in how eWeb presents your most critical ebusiness functionality. Old Town IT can now make those eWeb pages go Mobile, using responsive design. No major redesigns, no plug ins or third party software is required. Contact us today to learn more.

plusCustom Development

Old Town IT specializes in creating innovative software development solutions specifically for your association. Call on us for enhanced online dues processing, user-friendly subscription management, integrated login and account creation, and streamlined online stores.

Our development team possesses significant knowledge of the association industry’s technology needs. From membership and subscription management feature sets to web analytics tools, we have helped numerous organizations develop intuitive solutions that better leverage their data and improve user interoperability.


Old Town IT’s years of experience and unique perspective into the intricacies of netFORUM have greatly benefited our clients in integrating the suite with many other products and systems. Integration work is at the core of our value proposition: to enable our clients to leverage their technology investment so that they may get the greatest possible benefit from netFORUM while creating greater operating efficiencies.

We believe technology tools should allow our clients to focus on their core objectives, not the technology. Old Town IT approaches each integration project with the primary goal of optimizing business processes so that staff may operate more strategically and the organization enjoys greater efficiency.

Old Town IT has extensive experience integrating netFORUM with a variety of web content management systems as well as different accounting and ePublications. We have also engineered complex bilateral integrations with Learning Management Systems. Our netFORUM integration experience includes the following systems, products, and platforms:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains
  • SharePoint
  • Ektron
  • J. Spargo
  • HighWire
  • Drupal
  • Boxwood Technologies
  • And many others!
plusUpgrade Support

A netFORUM upgrade can lead to unexpected changes to the system which you and your staff rely on for daily operations. The Old Town IT team can help address problems that might arise during an upgrade and analyze the current state to prevent these unexpected changes. This means less down time and staff frustration and a more reliable Association Management System for your organization.

plusReport Development

Our intimate knowledge of the netFORUM data model enables us to deliver accurate, professional, user-friendly reports that offer minimal long-term maintenance. From the executive suite to customer service, our reports provide the entire organization with insights into business activity in areas such as internal operations and membership retention.


Learning netFORUM can be quite an undertaking. From mastering the toolkit to building effective queries and everything in-between, we offer hands-on mentoring services. This approach enables staff members to develop their skills within the context of your organization’s implementation and, as a result, better serve the organization as an internal netFORUM resource.

Working sessions are conducted with Old Town IT subject-matter experts who establish project objectives, provide specific guidance and offer real-life development exercises. The staff member then works on the exercises independently to learn the intricacies of the tools. Hands-on follow up sessions are conducted and the work product is reviewed to ensure the staff member can operate successfully.

plusFull System Implementations

Are you planning to put the power of netFORUM to work for your organization? Old Town IT offers a proven process and experienced project team to help you successfully and seamlessly implement netFORUM.

Implementing a new Association Management System (AMS) touches every aspect of your organization: Old Town IT offers meticulous planning, expert development, comprehensive training and attentive support services to guide your association as it embarks on this important journey.

Old Town IT offers a thorough implementations process to ensure your system is implemented properly and to specifications so that it may power your operations for years to come. Our offerings include:

  • Meticulous Systems Requirements Analysis: We perform deep dives into business objectives for each operational unit.
  • Team Approach: Old Town IT gathers a core team of project managers, developers, business analysts, and quality assurance analysts and engages the entire team from the beginning of the project thru deployment, with bi-weekly project team sync meetings.
  • Expert Development Services: With the largest and most experienced development team of the Avectra partners, Old Town IT delivers complex systems with wisdom and sophistication.
  • Status Reports: Old Town IT provides detailed project resourcing reports, status reports, and demos on a regular basis as well as daily standups as appropriate with your point of contact.
  • Project Tracking: We utilize a number of software systems to help us manage all of the project components and deliverables, including Intervals, SharePoint, and JIRA.
  • Quality Assurance: Our QA professionals are involved every step of the way, from requirements through deployment, ensuring a seamless user experience and a streamlined User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process.
  • Training: Old Town IT will train the whole team on the whole system. End users and Administrators alike gain an ownership and comfort level with their new system.
  • Deployment: Our deployment services ensure the go-live is smooth and embraced by your entire staff and member base.
  • Support: Following go-live, Old Town IT continues to support our clients, providing upgrade support and ongoing maintenance as needed.

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